Research Projects

Autonomous driving and Driver assistance Applications

Pedestrian detection
Smart back-up camera
Forward collision warning

Partners: Cognivue, NXP

Human Recognition

People Detection
Action recognition
Hand gesture recognition
Face Recognition
Gender Recognition
Face Quality Assessment

Partners: iWatchLife, Solink Corp, Cognivue, Aditude, CBSA Canada

Real-time Object Matching and Tracking

Fast Visual Tracking
3D Object Recognition
Fast Homography estimation

Partners: Ross Video, Thales, Habitat Seven, YouI Labs

Intelligent Visual Surveillance

Smart surveillance
Video summarization

Partners: iWatchLife, Solink Corp, CBSA Canada

Feature Detection and Matching

Corners and junction detection
Feature point matching strategies
Correspondence between image triplets
Widely separated view matching
Feature-based cut detection in videos

NAVIRE: Virtual Navigation in Remote Environements

The objective of this project is to address and solve the technical challenges required to achieve effective and natural virtual navigation in image-based renditions of real environments.

Partners: Frontline Robotics

Who We Are

VIVA Lab at the University of Ottawa.

What We Do

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Image Processing

Leading Team