Jochen Lang

Research Projects

For current research projects see the research pages of the DISCOVER laboratory.

A major focus of my work has been deformable object modeling based on observed deformation behavior. I am interested in both, the sensing and the modeling aspects, i.e.: How to sense local and global large-scale deformation; How to represent deformation behavior and How to estimate these models of deformation behavior? In the past, my work on sensing deformation has utilized the UBC active measurement facility ACME, which I have contributed to over the years. Some of my co-workers on this topic are Dinesh Pai, Doug James, John Lloyd and Jeff Schoner.

I have been  involved in the EU project Virtual Heritage: High Quality Acquisition and Presentation (ViHAP3D) while I was Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik in the group of Hans-Peter Seidel. My work in this project is concerned with the acquisition of 3D geometry models and their physical reflectance properties. This is joint work with Hendrik Lensch, Michael Goesele and Christian Fuchs.

Undergraduate Research Projects

Exciting projects in computer graphics, computer vision and Virtual Environments (computer haptics and graphics) are available for September 2014 and January 2015! In particular, topics in phyiscs-based simulation, deformable object tracking, visual tracking, and spherical vision. For a somewhat dated report on visual virtual environments, see the report in the Ottawa Citizen Going beyond Google.
The following selected projects have been done successfully in the past as B.Sc.(Hons) theses (CSI4900) or M.Eng. projects (ELG5900).

Surface Re-meshing during Cutting of Deformable Objects

An improved rendering engine for a cutting simulator with meshing of cut surfaces and multi-level details.

BRDF Viewer

A viewer which can display measured reflectance functions in real-time.

Human Model Acquisition and Animation

Acquisition of a 3D model of a human based on cameras in a multi-view stereo arrangement.

Physics-based Game Engine

Comparison and implementation of different 3D collision detection algorithms, both, for broad and narrow phase detection.

Game Engine for 3.5D Worlds

A rendering engine for NPR physics.

Multimedia Application Layer

Application level layer for audio, input and 2D graphics on the Nintendo DS.

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