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H UML Comliance Level XMI Documents


   The normative XMI document for UML2 Superstructure is given in Annex G. However, there are also non-normative convenience documents that will be quite useful to tool vendors. Consider compliance level L2. XMI documents that are representations of L2 UML2 models could be validated against the normative unmerged metamodel document which includes the packages for L2 (as well as the others). But these XMI documents have to be instances of the merged L2 metamodel and, since it is derived from the package merge rules, there is not a normative XMI file for this. To facilitate interoperability, and to eliminate the need for tool vendors to implement package merge in order to produce XMI metamodel documents for the UML2 compliance levels, the XMI documents for each compliance level are included in this annex. An XMI document for a compliance level is the XMI representation of the merged CMOF metamodel for that compliance level.

   XML uses XSD to validate instances of XML documents, and the MOF 2.0/XMI Mapping Specification, v2.1 specifies how these schema documents are derived for a given CMOF model. However, XSD cannot capture all of the structure, constraints, or semantics of a UML2 compliance level, so vendors may choose to use MOF reflection or XMI metamodel documents to provide more complete validation.

   The following convenience specifications are related to the UML2 Superstructure and are included in document ptc/0601-04: