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G XMI Serialization and Schema


Issue 8678 -explain the role of XMI serialization

   UML 2.1 Superstructure models are serialized in XMI 2.1 according to the rules specified by the MOF 2.0/XMI Mapping Specification, v2.1 (OMG document formal/05-09-01). The XMI schema document for MOF 2.0 models that support the MOF 2.0 XMI specification is available in OMG document ad/05-05-12.

   As is common policy for OMG, the normative representation of MOF 2 and UML 2 models is an XMI file since this provides the level of complete and processable definition that is not always possible or practical across a set of diagrams. These XMI documents are all CMOF documents since all the MOF 2 and UML 2 metamodels are described using CMOF. The normative XMI document for Superstructure consists of a single XMI document that contains all of the packages described in the Superstructure specification organized the same as the specification.

   According to the UML 2 specification and the definition of PackageMerge semantics, XMI files containing package merges are semantically equivalent to the same XMI files with the package merges merged away. The UML 2 Superstructure normative model is expressed in this annex as an unmerged XMI document matching the rest of the specification. It is assumed that this XMI document will primarily be used to specify the normative packages and their contents, and will generally be used by tool vendors wishing to implement package merge and create either UML 2 compliance levels, or extensions thereof.

   The unmerged CMOF XMI document for UML is provided in OMG document ptc/06-01-04.

   The non-normative merged XMI documents for each compliance level are identified in Annex H. These documents will be useful for tool vendors wishing to validate instances of UML2 models for specific compliance levels against the XMI defining the contents of that compliance level.

Issue 8678 -add new appendix