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C Standard Stereotypes


Issue 8459 - remove implication of L1 standard stereotypes

   This annex describes the predefined standard stereotypes for UML. The standard stereotypes are specified in two separate system-defined profiles, corresponding to the top two compliance levels of UML (L2 and L3). These profiles can be applied to a user model just like any other profile. However, it is not necessary to include an explicit profile definition in such cases as it is assumed that such definitions are included (implicitly or explicitly) within any tool that is compliant with the standard. Of course, a tool need only support the profile that is consistent with its level of standard compliance.

   The stereotypes belonging to the profile are described using a compact tabular form rather than graphically. The first column gives the name of the stereotype label corresponding to the stereotype. The actual name of the stereotype is the same as the stereotype label except that the first letter of each is capitalized. The second column identifies the language unit of the stereotype. The third column identifies the metaclass to which the stereotype applies and the last column provides a description of the meaning of the stereotype.

Issue 8459 -remove StandardProfileL1 and merge its entries into L2