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7.3.25 InterfaceRealization




    Realization (from Dependencies ) on page 131


   An InterfaceRealization is a specialized Realization relationship between a Classifier and an Interface. This relationship signifies that the realizing classifier conforms to the contract specified by the Interface.


   No additional attributes


Issue 9192 - remove subsets of ‘target’

   • contract: Interface [1]References the Interface specifying the conformance contract. (Subsets Dependency ::supplier).

Issue 9192 - remove subsets of ‘source’

   • implementingClassifier: BehavioredClassifier [1] References the BehavioredClassifier that owns this Interfacerealization (i.e., the classifier that realizes the Interface to which it points). (Subsets Dependency ::client, Element::owner.)


   No additional constraints


   A classifier that implements an interface specifies instances that are conforming to the interface and to any of its ancestors. A classifier may implement a number of interfaces. The set of interfaces implemented by the classifier are its provided interfaces and signify the set of services the classifier offers to its clients. A classifier implementing an interface supports the set of features owned by the interface. In addition to supporting the features, a classifier must comply with the constraints owned by the interface.

   An interface realization relationship between a classifier and an interface implies that the classifier supports the set of features owned by the interface, and any of its parent interfaces. For behavioral features, the implementing classifier will have an operation or reception for every operation or reception, respectively, defined by the interface. For properties, the realizing classifier will provide functionality that maintains the state represented by the property. While such may be done by direct mapping to a property of the realizing classifier, it may also be supported by the state machine of the classifier or by a pair of operations that support the retrieval of the state information and an operation that changes the state information.


   See Interface (from Interfaces ).