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6.5.2 Diagram format

   The following conventions are adopted for all metamodel diagrams throughout this specification:

   • An association with one end marked by a navigability arrow means that:

Issue 8956 - explain why the notation for owned association ends was not used in the spec

   (NOTE: This convention was inherited from UML 1.x and was used in the initial versions of the specification

   because there was no explicit notation for indicating association end ownership. Such a notation was introduced

   in revision 2.1 (see the notation subsection of the Association metaclass on page 37) but was not applied to the

   diagrams in the specification due to lack of tool support. In accord with the new notation, the ownership of an

   association end by the association would continue to be shown by leaving the end unmarked, but the ownership

   of an end by the classifier would be shown by marking that classifier-owned end with a dot.)

Issue 6492 - Clarifying conventions used for unlabeled (unnamed) association ends.

   Note that some of these conventions were adopted to contend with practical issues related to the mechanics of producing this specification, such as the unavailability of conforming modeling tools at the time the specification itself was being defined. Therefore, they should not necessarily be deemed as recommendations for general use.