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15.3.16 Vertex



   NamedElement (from Kernel , Dependencies ) on page 99


   A vertex is an abstraction of a node in a state machine graph. In general, it can be the source or destination of any number of transitions.


   No additional attributes


Issue 8445 - fix multiplicities form 1..* to 0..*

   • outgoing: Transition[0..*] Specifies the transitions departing from this vertex.

   Additional operations

Issue 8445 - ‘state’ instead of ‘sate’

   [1] The operation containingStatemachine() returns the state machine in which this Vertex is defined.

   context Region ::containingStatemachine() : StateMachine

   post: result = if not container->isEmpty() then-- the container is a regioncontainer.containingStateMachine()else if (oclIsKindOf(Pseudostate)) then-- entry or exit point?if (kind = #entryPoint) or (kind = #exitPoint) then

   stateMachineelse if (oclIsKindOf(ConnectionPointReference )) thenstate.containingStateMachine() -- no other valid cases possible