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14.3.7 DestructionEvent




    Event (from Communications ) on page 459


   A DestructionEvent models the destruction of an object.


   No additional attributes


   No additional associations


   [1] No other OccurrenceSpecifications may appear below an OccurrenceSpecification that references a DestructionEvent on a given Lifeline in an InteractionOperand .


Issue 7986 - Use object when discussing an instance of a class.

   A destruction event represents the destruction of the instance described by the lifeline containing the OccurrenceSpecification that references the destruction event. It may result in the subsequent destruction of other obejcts that this object owns by composition (see Common Behaviors on page 437).


   The DestructionEvent is depicted by a cross in the form of an X at the bottom of a Lifeline .

   Figure 14.14 - DestructionEvent symbol

   See example in Figure 14.11 .

   Changes from previous UML

   DestructionEvent is new in UML 2.0.