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14.3.25 OccurrenceSpecification




    InteractionFragment (from BasicInteractions , Fragments ) on page 505


   An OccurrenceSpecification is the basic semantic unit of Interactions. The sequences of occurrences specified by themare the meanings of Interactions.OccurrenceSpecifications are ordered along a Lifeline .The namespace of an OccurrenceSpecification is the Interaction in which it is contained.



   The semantics of an OccurrenceSpecification is just the trace of that single OccurrenceSpecification.

   The understanding and deeper meaning of the OccurrenceSpecification is dependent upon the associated Message and the information that it conveys.


   OccurrenceSpecifications are merely syntactic points at the ends of Messages or at the beginning/end of an ExecutionSpecification.



Figure 14.19 - OccurrenceSpecification