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14.3.12 GeneralOrdering




    NamedElement (from Kernel , Dependencies ) on page 99


   A GeneralOrdering represents a binary relation between two OccurrenceSpecifications, to describe that one OccurrenceSpecification must occur before the other in a valid trace. This mechanism provides the ability to define partial orders of OccurrenceSpecifications that may otherwise not have a specified order.

   A GeneralOrdering is a specialization of NamedElement .

   A GeneralOrdering may appear anywhere in an Interaction, but only between OccurrenceSpecifications.


Issue 8331 - replace ‘referred’ with ‘referenced’


   A GeneralOrdering is introduced to restrict the set of possible sequences. A partial order of OccurrenceSpecifications is defined by a set of GeneralOrdering .


   A GeneralOrdering is shown by a dotted line connecting the two OccurrenceSpecifications. The direction of the relation from the before to the after is given by an arrowhead placed somewhere in the middle of the dotted line (i.e., not at the endpoint).