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14.3.17 InteractionOperatorKind





Issue 8341 - replace ‘InteractionOperator’ with ‘InteractionOperatorKind

   Interaction OperatorKind is an enumeration designating the different kinds of operators of CombinedFragment s. The InteractionOperand defines the type of operator of a CombinedFragment . The literal values of this enumeration are:


   The value of the interactionOperator is significant for the semantics of CombinedFragment (from Fragments ) on page 487.


Issue 8341 -replace ‘InteractionOperator’ with ‘InteractionOperatorKind

   The value of the InteractionOperand Kind is given as text in a small compartment in the upper left corner of the CombinedFragment frame. See Figure 14.11 on page 492 for examples of InteractionOperatorKind .