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13.3.28 TimeExpression




    ValueSpecification (from Kernel ) on page 140


   A TimeExpression defines a value specification that represents a time value.


Issue 8894 -remove ‘firstTime’ attribute from TimeExpression

   No additional attributes.


Issue 8894 -add ‘observation’ and ‘expr’ entries

   • observation : Observation [*] Refers to the time and duration observations that are involved in expr

   • expr : ValueSpecification [0..1] The value of the time expression.


   No additional constraints


Issue 8894 - replace entire semantics description with a new one

   A TimeExpression denotes a time instant value.

   The time expression is given by expr which may contain usage of the observations given by observation. In the case where there are no observations, the expr will contain a time constant. In the case where there is no expr, there shall be a single observation that indicates the time expression value.


Issue 8894 -replace entire notation description with a new one

   A time expression is given by a string. The string is a formula where names of observations and constants are included.

   Changes from previous UML

   This metaclass has been added.