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12.3.47 SequenceNode



   StructuredActivityNode (from CompleteStructuredActivities , StructuredActivities) on page 425


   (StructuredActivities) A sequence node is a structured activity node that executes its actions in order.


   No additional attributes


   Issue 8270 -add oredered and subsets constraints 9106 -change subsets to redefines constraint and replace ‘containedNode’ with ‘node’ in constraint

   • executableNode : ExecutableNode [*] {ordered}An ordered set of executable nodes. {Redefines StructuredActivityNode ::node}


   No additional constraints


   When the sequence node is enabled, its executable nodes are executed in the order specified. When combined with flows, actions must also satisfy their control and data flow inputs before starting execution.


   No specific notation

   SequenceNode is introduced to provide a way for structured activities to model a sequence of actions.

*Changes from previous UML

   SequenceNode is new to UML 2.