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12.3.17 Clause

CompleteStructuredActivities , StructuredActivities


   • Element (from Kernel ) on page 63


   A clause is an element that represents a single branch of a conditional construct, including a test and a body section. The body section is executed only if (but not necessarily if) the test section evaluates true.


   No additional attributes


   Package StructuredActivities

   Issue 8740 - replace ActivityNode by ExecutableNode

   Package CompleteStructuredActivities

   Issue 8490 - add {ordered} constraint 8683 - remove ‘or conditional node’ 8733 - replace ‘copied’ with ‘moved’

   • bodyOutput : OutputPin [0..*] {ordered} A list of output pins within the body fragment whose values are moved to the result pins of the containing conditional node after execution of the clause body.

   Issue 8496 - add constraint and also a package header for StructuredActivities


   Package StructuredActivities

   [1] The decider output pin must be for the test body or a node contained by the test body as a structured node.

   Package CompleteStructuredActivities

   [1] The bodyOutput pins are output pins on actions in the body of the clause


   The semantics are explained under ConditionalNode (from CompleteStructuredActivities , StructuredActivities).