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11.3.46 StartClassifierBehaviorAction




    Action (from BasicActions ) on page 247


   StartClassifierBehaviorAction is an action that starts the classifier behavior of the input.


   No additional attributes


   • object : InputPin [1..1] Holds the object on which to start the owned behavior. (Subsets Action::input.)


   [1] The multiplicity of the input pin is 1..1.

   [2] If the input pin has a type, then the type must have a classifier behavior.


   When a StartClassifierBehaviorAction is invoked, it initiates the classifier behavior of the classifier of the input object. If the behavior has already been initiated, or the object has no classifier behavior, this action has no effect.


   No specific notation

   This action is provided to permit the explicit initiation of classifier behaviors, such as state machines and code, in a detailed, low-level raw specification of behavior.

*Changes from previous UML

   StartClassifierBehaviorAction is a generalization of the UML 1.5 StartStateMachineAction.