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11.3.35 ReadLinkObjectEndQualifierAction


   ReadLinkObjectEndAction is an action that retrieves a qualifier end value from a link object.



    Action (from BasicActions ) on page 247


   This action reads a qualifier value or values on an end of a link object. The association end to retrieve the qualifier from is specified statically, and the link object to read is provided on the input pin at run time.


   No additional attributes


   • qualifier : Property [1..1] The attribute representing the qualifier to be read.• object : InputPin [1..1] Gives the input pin from which the link object is obtained. (Subsets Action::input)

Issue 8180 - add subsets constraint

   • result : OutputPin [1..1] Pin where the result value is placed. (Subsets Action::output)


   [1] The qualifier attribute must be a qualifier attribute of an association end.

   self.qualifier.associationEnd->size() = 1

   [2] The association of the association end of the qualifier attribute must be an association class.


   [3] The ends of the association must not be static.

   self.qualifier.associationEnd.association.memberEnd->forall(e | not e.isStatic)

   [4] The type of the object input pin is the association class that owns the association end that has the given qualifier attribute.

   self.object.type = self.qualifier.associationEnd.association

   [5] The multiplicity of the qualifier attribute is 1..1.,1)

   [6] The multiplicity of the object input pin is 1..1.,1)

   [7] The type of the result output pin is the same as the type of the qualifier attribute.

   self.result.type = self.qualifier.type

   [8] The multiplicity of the result output pin is 1..1.,1)


   ReadLinkObjectEndAction retrieves a qualifier end value from a link object.


   No specific notation

   ReadLinkObjectEndQualifierAction is introduced to navigate from a link object to its end objects.

*Changes from previous UML

   ReadLinkObjectEndQualifierAction is unchanged from UML 1.5, except the name was corrected from ReadLinkObjectQualifierAction.