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11.3.32 ReadIsClassifiedObjectAction


   ReadIsClassifiedObjectAction is an action that determines whether a runtime object is classified by a given classifier.



    Action (from BasicActions ) on page 247


   This action tests the classification of an object against a given class. It can be restricted to testing direct instances.


   • isDirect : Boolean [1..1] Indicates whether the classifier must directly classify the input object. The default value is false.



   [1] The multiplicity of the input pin is 1..1.,1)

   [2] The input pin has no type.


   [3] The multiplicity of the output pin is 1..1.,1)

   [4] The type of the output pin is Boolean.

   self.result.type = Boolean


   The action returns true if the input object is classified by the specified classifier. It returns true if the isDirect attribute is false and the input object is classified by the specified classifier, or by one of its (direct or indirect) descendents. Otherwise, the action returns false.


   No specific notation

   ReadisClassifiedObjectAction is introduced for run-time type identification.

*Changes from previous UML

   ReadisClassifiedObjectAction is unchanged from UML 1.5.