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11.3.26 OpaqueAction



   Issue 8171 -change reference from Pin to Action 8759 -duplicate fix


    Action (from BasicActions ) on page 247


   An action with implementation-specific semantics.


   Issue 8133 -add {ordered} constraints 9191 -change lower bound of ‘body’ to 0


   Issue 8867 -add two ‘input’ and ‘output’ items 9103 -replaced ‘input’ by ‘inputValue’ 9107 - replaced ‘output’ by ‘outputValue’

   • inputValue : InputPin [0..*] Provides input to the action. (Specializes Action::input) • outputValue : OutputPin [0..*] Takes output from the action. (Specializes Action::output)


   No additional constraints


   The semantics of the action are determined by the implementation.


   No specific notation

   OpaqueAction is introduced for implementation-specific actions or for use as a temporary placeholder before some other action is chosen.