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11.3.24 LinkEndDestructionData


   LinkEndDestructionData is not an action. It is an element that identifies links. It identifies one end of a link to be destroyed by DestroyLinkAction .



    LinkEndData (from IntermediateActions , CompleteActions ) on page 271.


   This class is required when using DestroyLinkAction , to specify links to destroy for non-unique ordered ends. A link cannot be passed as a runtime value to or from an action. See description of LinkEndData (from IntermediateActions , CompleteActions ) on page 271.

Issue 8169 -add clarifying phrase

   Qualifier values are used in CompleteActions to idenitfy which links to destroy.




   [1] LinkEndDestructionData can only be end data for DestroyLinkAction or one of its specializations.

   [2] LinkEndDestructionData for ordered non-unique association ends must have a single destroyAt input pin if isDestroyDuplicates is false. It must be of type UnlimitedNatural and have a multiplicity of 1..1. Otherwise, the action has no input pin for the removal position.


   See DestroyLinkAction (from IntermediateActions ) on page 264, also see LinkAction (from IntermediateActions ) on page 268 and all of its subclasses.


   No specific notation

Issue 8169 - remove extraneous ‘e’

   LinkEndDestructionData is introduced to indicate which links to destroy for ordered non-unique ends.