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11.3.11 ClearAssociationAction


   ClearAssociationAction is an action that destroys all links of an association in which a particular object participates.



    Action (from BasicActions ) on page 247


   This action destroys all links of an association that have a particular object at one end.


   No additional attributes


   • association : Association [1..1] Association to be cleared.

   • object : InputPin [1..1] Gives the input pin from which is obtained the object whose participation in the association is to be cleared. (Subsets Action::input)


   [1] The type of the input pin must be the same as the type of at least one of the association ends of the association.

   self.association->exists(end.type = self.object.type)

   [2] The multiplicity of the input pin is 1..1.,1)


   This action has a statically-specified association. It has an input pin for a runtime object that must be of the same type as at least one of the association ends of the association. All links of the association in which the object participates are destroyed even when that violates the minimum multiplicity of any of the association ends. If the association is a class, then link object identities are destroyed.


   No specific notation

   ClearAssociationAction is introduced to remove all links from an association in which an object participates in a single action, with no intermediate states where only some of the existing links are present.

*Changes from previous UML

   ClearAssociationAction is unchanged from UML 1.5.