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10.3.2 CommunicationPath


   A communication path is an association between two DeploymentTarget s, through which they are able to exchange signals and messages.



    Association (from Kernel ) on page 37


   In the metamodel, CommunicationPath is a subclass of Association.


   No additional attributes


   No additional associations


   [1] The association ends of a CommunicationPath are typed by DeploymentTarget s.

Issue 8139 - add OCL expression

   self.endType->forAll (t | t.oclIsKindOf(DeploymentTarget ))


   A communication path is an association that can only be defined between deployment targets, to model the exchange of signals and messages between them.


   No additional notation

*Changes from previous UML

   The following changes from UML 1.x have been made: CommunicationPath was implicit in UML 1.x. It has been made explicit to formalize the modeling of networks of complex Nodes .