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10.2 Abstract syntax

    Figure 10.1 shows the dependencies of the Deployments packages.

Issue 8458 -make imports explicit

Figure 10.1 - Dependencies between packages described in this chapter

   Package Artifacts

Issue 8457 - show Artifact as inheriting from Namespace so that it can inherit ‘clientDependency ’ 9122 - add generalization from Artifact to NamedElement

Figure 10.2 - The elements defined in the Artifacts package

   Package Nodes

Issue 8139 - remove constraint under ‘CommunicationPath ’ 8141 - replace ‘nestedClassifier’ with ‘ownedMember’

Figure 10.3 - The definition of the Node concept

   Issue 9122 -remove generalization from DeployedArtifact to NamedElement 9192 - remove subsets of ‘source’ 9193 - remove subsets of ‘target’

Figure 10.4 - Definition of the Deployment relationship between DeploymentTarget s and DeployedArtifacts

   Package ComponentDeployments

   Issue 8136 -make DeploymentSpecification to Deployment navigable via ‘deployment’ end

   8139 -remove constraints from diagram

   9122 -make DeploymentSpecification a subclass of Nodes ::Artifact instead of Artifacts ::Artifact

Figure 10.5 - Metaclasses that define component Deployment