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Graduate students of Timothy C. Lethbridge

The following are my current and former graduate students and their theses. They are in reverse chronological order by date of defense.

If you are interested in becoming a graduate student of mine, it is critical that you click here to read about the kind of students I am seeking and follow the instructions. I receive far too many emails so have to delete (without reading them) any emails that do not follow the instructions.

I can supervise students studying in the following programs listed on this page: 1) OCICS (Computer Science), 2) OCIECE (Software engineering aspects of computer engineering only), 3) System Science (Software-related topics), 4) E-business (Program title changing to Digital Transformation)


Current PhD students

  • Reyhaneh Kalentari (PhD in Digital Transformation, expected late 2024): User experience in software modeling tools

  • Emmanuel Ayeleso (PhD in Computer Science, expected late 2022): Models and technology to assist qualitative negotiations

Former students who have completed their theses

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