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experiencer comparison table
Subject have domain2 have domain1 documentation have axiom is a kind of is an instance of
CaseRole  The Class of Predicates relating the spatially distinguished parts of a Process. CaseRoles include, for example, the agent, patient or destination of an action, the flammable substance in a burning process, or the water that falls in rain
(instance ?ROLE CaseRole)
(holds ?ROLE ?ARG1 ?ARG2)
(instance ?ARG1 ?PROC))
(capability ?PROC ?ROLE ?ARG2))
experiencerAgentProcess(experiencer ?PROCESS ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT experiences the Process ?PROCESS. For example, Yojo is the experiencer of seeing in the following proposition: Yojo sees the fish. Note that experiencer, unlike effector, does not entail a causal relation between its arguments
(instance ?ORGANISM Organism)
(exists (?DEATH)
(instance ?DEATH Death)
(experiencer ?DEATH ?ORGANISM))))

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