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Tickdocumentation A Class of Arachnids that attach themselves to instances of WarmBloodedVertebrate and feed off of their Blood2001-11-30 13:35:26.0
has axiom
(instance ?CHLAMYD Chlamydia)
(exists (?CELL ?ANIMAL)
(inhabits ?CHLAMYD ?CELL)
(instance ?CELL Cell)
(component ?CELL ?ANIMAL)
(instance ?ANIMAL Insect)
(instance ?ANIMAL Tick)))))
2001-11-30 13:35:26.0
is a kind of Arachnid2001-11-30 13:35:26.0
Invertebrateis disjoint from Vertebrate2001-11-30 13:34:32.0
Animalis first domain of father2001-11-30 13:33:37.0
is first domain of mother2001-11-30 13:33:37.0
Organismis second domain of developmentalForm2001-11-30 13:34:52.0
is second domain of familyRelation2001-11-30 13:34:52.0
is second domain of parent2001-11-30 13:34:52.0
Agentis third domain of hasPurposeForAgent2001-11-30 13:33:35.0
is third domain of representsForAgent2001-11-30 13:33:35.0