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Pigment comparison table
Subject documentation is a kind of have axiom
BodySubstanceExtracellular material and mixtures of cells and extracellular material that are produced, excreted or accreted by the body. Included here are Substances such as saliva, dental enamel, sweat, and gastric acidSubstance
(instance ?OBJ CorpuscularObject)
(subclass ?SUBSTANCETYPE1 Substance)
(subclass ?SUBSTANCETYPE2 Substance)
(material ?SUBSTANCE1 ?OBJ)
(material ?SUBSTANCE2 ?OBJ)
(not (equal ?SUBSTANCE1 ?SUBSTANCE2)))))
PigmentA coloring that is present in the Cells of OrganismsBodySubstance
(instance ?PLANT Plant)
(exists (?COLOR ?PROC)
(part ?COLOR ?PLANT)
(instance ?COLOR Pigment)
(result ?COLOR ?PROC)
(instance ?PROC Photosynthesis))))

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