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Ouncedocumentation English unit of volume equal to 1/8 of a Cup2001-11-30 13:34:53.0
has axiom
(MeasureFn ?NUMBER Ounce)
(MeasureFn (DivisionFn ?NUMBER 8) Cup))
2001-11-30 13:34:53.0
is an instance of UnitOfMeasure2001-11-30 13:34:54.0
is an instance of VolumeMeasure2001-11-30 13:34:54.0
UnitOfMeasureis second domain of MeasureFn2001-11-30 13:35:31.0
VolumeMeasureis second domain of DensityFn2001-11-30 13:35:33.0
PhysicalQuantityis partitioned into ConstantQuantity, FunctionQuantity2001-11-30 13:34:58.0
ConstantQuantityis first domain of MagnitudeFn2001-11-30 13:33:55.0
Abstractis disjoint from Physical2001-11-30 13:33:32.0