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Liquid comparison table
Subject is an instance of documentation is a kind of have axiom
PhysicalState The physical state of an Object. There are three instances of this Class: Solid, Liquid, and GasAttribute
(instance ?STATE PhysicalState)
(part ?PART ?OBJ)
(holdsDuring ?TIME (attribute ?OBJ ?STATE)))
(exists (?OTHERSTATE)
(instance ?OTHERSTATE PhysicalState)
(holdsDuring ?TIME (attribute ?PART ?OTHERSTATE))
(not (equal ?STATE ?OTHERSTATE))))))
LiquidPhysicalStateAn Object has the Attribute of Liquid if it has a fixed volume but not a fixed shape 
(instance ?ACT Drinking)
(patient ?ACT ?FOOD))
(attribute ?FOOD Liquid))

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