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Decoding comparison table
Subject documentation be disjoint from is a kind of have axiom
WritingA subclass of ContentDevelopment in which content is expressed in a LanguageNonintentionalProcessContentDevelopment
(instance ?PROC IntentionalProcess)
(exists (?AGENT)
(instance ?AGENT CognitiveAgent)
(agent ?PROC ?AGENT))))
DecodingConverting a document or message that has previously been encoded (see Encoding) into a Language that can be understood by a relatively large number of speakersEncodingWriting
(instance ?DECODE Decoding)
(patient ?DECODE ?DOC1))
(exists (?ENCODE ?DOC2)
(containsInformation ?DOC2 ?PROP)
(containsInformation ?DOC1 ?PROP)
(holdsDuring ?TIME
(temporalPart ?TIME (PastFn (WhenFn ?DECODE)))
(instance ?ENCODE Encoding)
(patient ?ENCODE ?DOC2))))))

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