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Cup comparison table
Subject is an instance of documentation is a kind of be first domain of be second domain of have axiom
UnitOfMeasure A standard of measurement for some dimension. For example, the Meter is a UnitOfMeasure for the dimension of length, as is the Inch. There is no intrisic property of a UnitOfMeasure that makes it primitive or fundamental; rather, a system-of-units (e.g. SystemeInternationalUnit) defines a set of orthogonal dimensions and assigns units for eachPhysicalQuantitySubtractionFnMeasureFn
(instance ?REL RelationExtendedToQuantities)
(instance ?REL BinaryRelation)
(instance ?NUMBER1 RealNumber)
(instance ?NUMBER2 RealNumber)
(holds ?REL ?NUMBER1 ?NUMBER2))
(forall (?UNIT)
(instance ?UNIT UnitOfMeasure)
(holds ?REL (MeasureFn ?NUMBER1 ?UNIT) (MeasureFn ?NUMBER2 ?UNIT)))))
VolumeMeasure Measures of the amount of space in three dimensionsConstantQuantityMagnitudeFnDensityFn
(instance ?FUNCTION UnaryConstantFunctionQuantity)
(domain ?FUNCTION 1 ConstantQuantity)
(range ?FUNCTION ConstantQuantity)))
CupVolumeMeasureEnglish unit of volume equal to 1/2 of a Pint MagnitudeFnDensityFn
(MeasureFn ?NUMBER Ounce)
(MeasureFn (DivisionFn ?NUMBER 8) Cup))

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