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Subject documentation is a kind of
ProcessIntuitively, the class of things that happen rather than endure. A Process is thought of as having temporal parts or stages, and so it cannot have all these parts together at one time (contrast Object). Examples include extended 'events' such as a football match or a race, events and actions of various kinds, states of motion and lifespans of Objects, which occupy the same space and time but are thought of as having stages instead of parts. The formal definition is: anything that lasts for a time but is not an Object. Note that a Process may have participants 'inside' it which are Objects, such as the players in a football match. In a 4D ontology, a Process is something whose spatiotemporal extent is thought of as dividing into temporal stages roughly perpendicular to the time-axisPhysical
ClosingThe Class of Processes where an aperture is closed in an ObjectProcess

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