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Cell comparison table
Subject documentation is a kind of have axiom
BodyPartA collection of Cells and Tissues which are localized to a specific area and carry out one or more specialized functions of an Organism. The instances of this Class range from gross structures to small components of complex OrgansAnatomicalStructure
(instance ?MOTION BodyMotion)
(exists (?OBJ)
(instance ?OBJ BodyPart)
(patient ?MOTION ?OBJ))))
CellThe fundamental structural and functional unit of living OrganismsBodyPart
(instance ?CHLAMYD Chlamydia)
(exists (?CELL ?ANIMAL)
(inhabits ?CHLAMYD ?CELL)
(instance ?CELL Cell)
(component ?CELL ?ANIMAL)
(instance ?ANIMAL Insect)
(instance ?ANIMAL Tick)))))

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