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BiologicallyActiveSubstance comparison table
Subject documentation have axiom
NutrientA BiologicallyActiveSubstance produced or required by an Organism, of primary interest because of its role in the biologic functioning of the Organism
(instance ?FOOD Food)
(exists (?NUTRIENT)
(instance ?NUTRIENT Nutrient)
(part ?NUTRIENT ?FOOD))))
PharmacologicSubstanceA BiologicallyActiveSubstance used in the treatment, diagnosis, prevention or analysis of normal and abnormal body function. This includes Substances that occur naturally in the body and are administered therapeutically
(instance ?OBJ CorpuscularObject)
(subclass ?SUBSTANCETYPE1 Substance)
(subclass ?SUBSTANCETYPE2 Substance)
(material ?SUBSTANCE1 ?OBJ)
(material ?SUBSTANCE2 ?OBJ)
(not (equal ?SUBSTANCE1 ?SUBSTANCE2)))))
ToxicSubstanceA BiologicallyActiveSubstance of concern because of its potentially hazardous or toxic effects. This would include most drugs of abuse, as well as agents that require special handling because of their toxicity. Most pharmaceutical agents, although potentially harmful, are excluded here and are assigned to the sibling Class PharmacologicSubstance
(instance ?ORGANISM ToxicOrganism)
(exists (?SUBSTANCE)
(instance ?SUBSTANCE ToxicSubstance)

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