CSI/ELG/SEG2911 Professional Practice (2020) 



Lectures: Thursday 19:00-22:00 at CBYC03

Lectures will be delivered by the instructor and invited speakers


DGD: Monday 13:00-14:30  MRN021

The DGD session will be allocated for project discussions 


Instructor: Riadh Habash (rhabash@uottawa.ca); Office hours: Open



Hema Sri Kambhampati

Khalid Anindya: khalid.an@uottawa.ca

Tosan Velor

Gurinder Kaur

Fatema Samavariankhorasani: fsama096@uottawa.ca


Assessment Components

Assignments (20%): Four short assignments

Project (Report: 15% + Presentation: 10% + Digital Reflection: 10%): Group of 2-4 students

All Projects Should Reflect Ethical Professional Practice

Microethics Ideas:

Your task is to focus on the connections between individuals and internal relations of the profession.

Macroethics Ideas: Sustainable Development Goals

Your task is to focus on the collective social responsibility of the profession and to societal decisions about technology.


Midterm: 15%

Final Exam: 30%


Course Progressing

Week 1

January 9 19:00-20:15: Introduction to Professional Ethical Practice

20:30-21:45: History of Computer Science: Professor Liam Peyton 

Week 2

January 16 19:00-20:15: Professionalism Ethical Practice
20:30-21:45: Professional Ethical Practice

Week 3

January 23 19:00-20:15: Professional Communication Skills
20:30-21:45: Legal System and Intellectual property

Week 4

January 30 20:30-21:45: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
19:00-20:15: Engineering Entrepreneurship Practice (Dr. Richard LAbbe)

Week 5

February 6 19:00-20:15: Safety in Design Practice
20:30-21:45: Safety in Design Practice (Dr. David Knox)

Week 6

February 13 19:00-20:15: Practicing as an Engineer (Mr. Edwin Morton)
20:30-21:45: Midterm


Week 7

February 27 19:00-20:15: Engineering Leadership Practice
20:30-21:45: Project Management versus Product Management (Dr. Emmanuel Bouendu)

Week 8

March 05 19:00-20:15: History of Engineering: Professor Emil Petriu
20:30-21:45: Assignment 4 and Course Project Presentations

Week 9

March 12 19:00: Agile with a Change Management Perspective. Deloitte’s Enterprise Agile Transformation Practice
Speakers: Ian McCarter (Manager, Technology, Strategy & Architecture) and Joshua Caul (Manager,  Organizational Transformation and Strategic Change Practice).
March 19 19:00: Project Presentations (CBYC03)
March 23 13:00: Project Presentation (MRT211)
March 26 19:00: Project Presentations (CBYC03)
March 30 13:00: Project Presentation (MRT211)
April 02 19:00: Project Presentations (CBYC03)