CSI 4105 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms II - Winter 2006

Welcome to the cool and newly redesigned csi4105!
No computer scientist should consider graduating without taking this course.
The first lecture will be the showing of a movie of an amazing lecture by Prof Ramachandran (U Texas), introducing the 1 million dolar question about P vs NP. Soon at a Simard Hall near you.

Professor :  Lucia Moura
Course Material:  Course Description and Outline (this is the first handout with prof's contact info, textbook, marking scheme, due dates, etc.)
Lecture Contents (to be included later) 
Lecture notes/slides with material not in the textbook (postscript, ,pdf)
Past midterm (ps, pdf)
Study/fun links:  The million dolar question: P versus NP, minesweeper and P vs NP
Computational complexity of games and puzzles, by David Eppstein.
Program your own Turing machine. Follow a Turing machine simulation
The Alan Turing home page.
Advice on learning how to write proofs, by Francois Pitt.
Useful links:  SITE,University of Ottawa
University of Ottawa Library
Download a free postscript viewer.

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