Daniel Amyot: Students and Projects

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Current Coop and 4th Year Projects

Please see my list of potential COOP or 4th year CSI/SEG projects and contact me if you are interested.

Current Graduate Students

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Doctoral Students

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Graduate Students

4 Post-Doctoral Fellows, 15 Ph.D., 27 MSc (with theses), 42 MEng (with projects)

Daniel, Zeng, Yang, Bo, Jamel, Edna, and Ali, April 2004

Alireza, Jean-François, Daniel, Sepideh and friend, Gunter and girlfriend, Saeed, and Marc (French stagiaire), August 2006

Alireza, Sepideh and Daniel, Best Paper Award, MCeTech 2008 (absent: Pengfei, Liam, Alan and Michael)

Undergraduate/COOP students

So, You Want to Become my Graduate Student?

I have very few opportunities to offer to new grad students at this point, except perhaps for students with an excellent background in software engineering, business process modelling, and meta-modelling, with excellent communication skills (English and/or French), and with little or no funding required. In any case, please read this first!.