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Professor Berini has had the privilege and great pleasure of directing or co-directing the following very bright individuals to the completion of their graduate degrees

Name Degree Year Co-Director Thesis Title
Luan Nguyen M.A.Sc. 2001   Modeling and Design of a Traveling Wave Photodetector on InP for Use at 1550 nm
Yihong Zhu M.A.Sc. 1999   Wavelength-Dependent Polarization Dependent Loss and Polarization Mode Dispersion Measurements in Fibre-optic Devices
Kathia Lévis M.A.Sc. 1999 Langis Roy Ka-Band Holographic Antennas
Chengkun Chen M.A.Sc. 2000   Development and Implementation of Novel Numerical Techniques for Integrated Optics and Microwave Planar Structures
Walter Wayne M.A.Sc. 2003 Langis Roy An Automated Matching Network Incorporating a Six-Port Reflectometer
Jean-Paul Prévost M.A.Sc. 2001 Langis Roy A High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Integrated with a planar Transmitting Antenna
Robert Charbonneau M.A.Sc. 2001   Demonstration of a Passive Integrated Optics Technology Based on Plasmons
Stéphanie Jetté-Charbonneau M.A.Sc. 2003   A Study of Bragg Gratings Based on Plasmon-Polariton Wave Guides
Yansong Cui M.A.Sc. 2003   GaAs-Based Travelling Wave Electro-optic Modulators
Nicolas Gagnon M.A.Sc. 2002 Langis Roy Design and Study of a Free-Space Quasi-Optical Measurement System
Guy Gagnon M.A.Sc. 2003   Thermo-Optic Variable Optical Attenuators Using Plasmon-Polariton Waveguides
Christine Scales M.A.Sc. 2003   Magneto-Plasmons in Optical Slab Waveguides
Junjie Lu M.A.Sc. 2003   Modelling Optical Waveguide Bends and Applications to Plasmon-Polariton Waveguides
Mikko Karpinneen Ph.D. (guest student) 2002   Attenuated Total Reflection Modulator Based on Surface Plasmon Excitation
Ian Breukelaar M.A.Sc. 2004   Surface Plasmon-Polaritons in Thin Metal Strips and Slabs: Waveguiding and Mode Cutoff