Instructors' slides to support the book Object-Oriented Software Engineering: Practical Software Development using UML and Java

By Timothy C. Lethbridge and Robert Laganière

Below you will find a set of PowerPoint slides we have prepared for lecturers who adopt the second edition of this book. This material is made available on an 'open source' basis. You are therefore free to use and modify this material. However, if you make changes or additions, please send us your changed slides. As long as we like the changes, we will post them here for others to use.

Note that minor corrections were applied to each of these Powerpoint files on June 21, 2006 and again on Oct 3, 2011. The main change has been the ability to open class diagrams in Umple

We welcome all suggestions for improvements and will post updated versions, and supplementary slides, from time to time.

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