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Having trouble finding the facts you need in a hurry? Try Fact Guru - a web-based tool with an entirely new way of storing, organizing and finding facts.

With Fact Guru you can save time by:

  • storing facts grouped by subject in a highly structured knowledge base.
  • searching the knowledge base to find just the fact you need
  • comparing subjects to see their differences
  • viewing subjects as a graph to see relationships between them

Download our product information sheet (PDF 187k)

Want to know why knowledge bases are so useful? Got questions about how Fact Guru works? Look at our frequently asked questions page. See some screen shots of Fact Guru. Want to know how knowledge bases are built? See How to create a knowledge base.

FactGuru.com offers knowledge base building services, knowledge base hosting, and tools to build your own knowledge bases. See our Products and Services page for more details.

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