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About us

FactGuru.com is a dynamic young company formed to develop research started at the University of Ottawa's School of Information Technology and Engineering.

Dr. Timothy C. Lethbridge
Tim is our knowledge management and software engineering expert. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa. He was a Ph.D. student of Dr. Skuce and wrote his thesis on the CODE4 knowledge management system. Tim is interested in Object Orientation, Software Engineering, Software Evolution and User Interfaces. He likes to hike, canoe and cross-country ski.

Dr. Doug Skuce
Doug is our advisor on knowledge management. He has a Ph.D. from McGill University and is a Professor at the School of Information Technology and Engineering where he has been teaching courses on Knowledge Engineering for 20 years. In 1977, he performed some of the first research in Canada on knowledge engineering. He continues that research today and is interested in systems for acquiring knowledge from text, tools for analyzing corpora, integrating advanced information retrieval with knowledge based systems, and cooperative development and use of shared knowledge resources such as AI-style knowledge bases and document collections. Doug also enjoys playing jazz piano.

John Talbot
John is a knowledge engineer and software developer. In his spare time he does research in astrophysics

Judy Kavanagh
Judy is a knowledge engineer and software developer. She has a Master of Computer Science degree from the University of Ottawa. Her thesis was on a system for extracting knowledge from texts. She also worked on the CODE4 and Ikarus knowledge management systems. Her interests include information extraction from texts and user interfaces on the web. For fun, Judy enjoys making crafts and playing with her cats.

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