ILP 2002 WIP papers

Learning To Detect Intrusion Strategies    Heasman Moyle

Towards Learning A First-Order Action Language      Watanable Muggleton

Functional Discrimination of Gene Expression Patterns Using ILP  Badea

Towards Discovering Structuring Signatures of Protein Folds…  Kersting et al.

Hierarchical Procedural Knowledge Learning Through Observation using ILP  Konik Laird

Hierarchical Bayesian Networks  Gyftodimos Flach

CLP(B)  in School: ILP and Bayesian Networks  Costa, Page, Cussens

Relational Ranking with Predictive Clustering Trees  Dzeroski, Blockeel, Todorovski

Experiments on the Frame Problem in Induction Otero

Filtering MIPs as a Method for ILP Dimensionality Reduction Alphonse, Stroppa