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Here is a link to a very old and unformatted resume of mine.

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Date Of Modification/Creation Event, File or Plain old Link
October 17, 1999 SEG3300 Project Files
December 01, 1999 Frisbee/Jimmy/Frankie Pictures Are Out!!
February 03, 2000 Eyad and Tarek Click Here For Winzip
September 07, 2000 A link to my hotlinks account (Check out "Tekkie_stuff")
September 26, 2000 Added a counter to the web page, provided by WebCounter
Novermber 1, 2000 Modified background image
February 15, 2001 Added a news web ticker to the web page, provided by WebTicker
April 10, 2001 Added a JAVA chat client from NBCi.com
June 12, 2001 Launched MDSO web site!
October 10, 2001 Funny videos

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