Rami Abielmona

1242 Matheson Rd., Gloucester, Ontario, K1J 1A7

Residence: (613) 747-1773

e-mail: s1029817@aix2.uottawa.ca rami_ab@hotmail.com



Computer Engineering (CO-OP program)

Currently in fourth year University of Ottawa, Ontario

Received an entrance scholarship in the first year

Upgraded to an Excellence scholarship in the second year

Renewed the Excellence scholarship in the third and fourth years


Immaculata High School, Ottawa, Ontario


Technical, Analytical and Research Skills

• Excellent manual and computer analysis skills

• Strong design, implementation, and testing skills

• Excellent mathematical knowledge

• Ability to write clear and concise reports

Programming Languages

• Excellent knowledge of C, PowerPC 860, PASCAL, Tcl, SQL, Motorola 68k Assembly and SmallTalk

• Working knowledge of C++, Matlab and Visual Basic

Computer Knowledge/Experiences

• Excellent knowledge of UNIX operated Sun Systems, Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Microsoft Office, Wordperfect, CorelDraw, Pspice

• Excellent knowledge of the 68k microprocessor family

• Designed a complete ALU (adder, subtractor and multiplier/divider circuits)

• Designed many real-life examples using the 68k microprocessor, such as elevator and traffic light simulations

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

• Fluency in English, French and Arabic

• Sound verbal and written communication skills

• Well organized and able to meet deadlines

• Ability to work individually or within a group

• Innovative, enthusiastic and resourceful


Sep 1998-present Fall Co-op Term- Software Designer (R&D) Newbridge Networks Corporations Wireless ATM - NIU S/W Development Kanata, Ontario

• Worked on feature development for the NIU card (28110 Mainstreet) • Developed various tools such as a serial driver and a user prompt for I/O • Employed state-of-the-art tools to debug software (Real-time Debugging System, SuperTap/CodeTap and the Data I/O Programmer) • Designed and implemented algorithms to test the RAM, NVM and the PowerPC decrementer • Currently working on the project involving the implementation, debugging and testing of the power up diagnostics of the NIU card, to be later ported over to the ARIC card

Winter 1997 Winter Co-op Term- Software Designer (R&D) Newbridge Networks Corporations ATMnet Cell Relay Development Kanata, Ontario

• Tested numerous features for the ATM switch (36170 Mainstreet) • Employed many physical interfaces (OC12, OC3, T3/E3, T1 and E1) and protocol layers (ATM cell relay, SONET, DS3/E3) for testing fixes • Used state-of-the-art tools to debug software (Real-time Debugging System, ADTECH and the 46020 software application) • Implemented, tested and debugged NASH/APE scripts as part of a project to automate the OAM-AS test case

Summer 1997 Summer Co-op Term-Programmer/Software Designer Department of National Defence- Engineering Management Subsection (Ottawa)

• Wrote numerous PL/SQL programs in order to digitize and order data • Developed, implemented and tested a software application called EMDAT-Engineering Management Data Access Tool • Prepared a user’s guide for the application • Trained my supervisor for the future maintenance of the tool • Provided assistance to fellow employees with respect to application and computer difficulties or inquiries (troubleshooting, functioning, installation) PERSONAL INTERESTS AND INFORMATION

Sports • Actively participate in basketball and table-tennis tournaments Reading • Enjoy reading the monthly "The Computer Paper" containing various articles on new and innovative technologies

References will be provided upon request