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Nathalie Japkowicz

Ph.D. , Professor
President of CAIAC

University of Ottawa Laboratory for Research on Machine Learning for Defense and Security

Professor Nathalie Japkowicz has been elected the President of the Canadian Artificial Intelligence



Performance Evaluation for Learning Algorithms

The slides of the tutorial presentation given at ICMLA'2011, Dec. 18, 9:00as - 12:20pm, Honolulu, Hawaii are downloadable here (6.53 MB, 112 Slides)
The slides of the tutorial presentation given at ICML'2012, on June 26, 9:00as - 11:30pm, Edinburgh, UK are downloadable here (11 MB, 120 Slides)


Software available for Download

A new visualization software for classifier evaluation is available for download HERE

University of Ottawa Research on Machine Learning for Defense and Security

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Other Research Interests:

My research interests are in the area of Artificial Intelligence and, most specifically, Machine Learning and Data Mining. Here is a list of some of the main research projects I have been involved in, in recent years:
  • Evaluation Methods for Machine Learning (funded by NSERC)
    • Forthcoming book on the subject, with Dr. Mohak Shah.
    • A visualization framework for classifier evaluation, with Drs. Rocio Alaiz-Rodriguez and Peter Tischer.
    • A data generation framework for testing classifiers in a shifting environment, with Dr. Rocio Alaiz.
  • Event Characterization for Radioxenon Monitoring (funded by Health Canada)
    • with Mr. Guichong Li and Drs. trevor Stocki and Kurt Ungar.
  • Computer Virus Detection
  • Network Event Correlation (funded by Defense Research & Development Canada (DRDC))
    • with Mr. Reuben Smith and Drs. Maxwell Dondo and Peter Mason.
  • Learning from Imbalanced Data Sets (funded by NSERC)
    • with Mrs. Shaju Stephen, Benjamin Wang, Andrew Estabrook, Taeho Jo, R. Akbani and Dr. Stephen Kwek.
  • Learning in the Absence of Negative Examples (funded by U.S. Navy, R & D)
    • with Drs. Catherine Myers, Mark Gluck and Stephen Hanson.
  • Feature Selection
  • Soft Clustering
  • Text Classification
  • Natural Language Processing -- Machine Translation
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Fall 2014:



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