Visualization Software

Visualization Software for Clasifier Evaluation:

Classifier performance evaluation typically gives rise to vast numbers of results that are difficult to interpret. On the one hand, a variety of different performance metrics can be applied; and on the other hand, evaluation must be conducted on multiple domains to get a clear view of the classifiers' general behaviour. We present a visualization technique that allows a user to study the results from a domain point of view, from a classifier point of view or from the evaluation metrics point of view. We argue that classifier evaluation should be done on an exploratory basis. In particular, we suggest that, rather than pre-selecting a few metrics and domains to conduct our evaluation on, we should use as many metrics and domains as possible and mine the results of this study to draw valid and relevant knowledge about the behaviour of our algorithms. The software made available on this page will enable such a process.

Our software tool based on WEKA and R was developed by:

The tool is based on the following papers:

The Tool can be downloaded from the following Website: The source code is also available at: