CSI 5311 -- Notes

The course will interleave lectures (that I will give) with students presentations. The lectures will mostly be based on Tamer Ozsu and Patrick Valduriez's notes that come with the book.

The Ozsu and Valduriez's notes are copyrighted; therefore they are intended for your private use. Never redistribute them in any form whatsoever.

Further lecture notes will be posted here when necessary.

Student presentations will mostly be based on papers selected from a list posted on the course web site. These presentations will focuss on query processing and advanced transaction models for multidatabase, as well as on peer and mobile database systems.

  1. References on DDBMSs -- notes
  2. Overview of DDBMSs (OV Chap 1) -- notes
  3. Architectures (OV Chap 4) -- notes
  4. Database design (OV Chap 5) -- notes
  5. Semantic design (OV Chap 6) -- notes
  6. Query processing (OV Chap 7-9) -- notes
  7. Transaction processing (OV Chap 10-12) -- notes
  8. Further topics ... -- notes