Ongoing Research Projects

Currently IMAGINE Laboratory is conducting a number of projects in collaboration with partners from both Industry and Academia in Canada and Europe. As of October 2011, the following main projects are in progress:

  1. Service Oriented Resource Management in Network Virtualization Environments

  2. Autonomic Service Specific Overlay Networks

  3. Policy-Based Context Aware Overlay Networks

  4. Policy-Based Architecture for Context Management In Ambient Networks

  5. Semantic - based Service Discovery in Overlay Networks

Funding Sources

Our research program is principally funded by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) through prestigious programs such as Special Research Opportunity Grant and the Strategic Project Grant, with Ericsson Canada and Cistech limited.


In addition the laboratory has recently initiated collaboration with several European projects in the context of the 6th Framework Program and direct collaboration with research laboratories in France, Brazil, Spain and Morocco.