Semantic Overlay Networks

Semantic - based Service Discovery in Overlay Networks:

Ambient Network project has developed SMART to optimize media delivery services by moving control and resource allocation to the network that has more knowledge about topology and network properties. SMART creates a Specific Service Overlay Network (SSON) for each media delivery service or group of services. Given the multiple sources of heterogeneity of networks, users and applications, SSON construction mandates the use of network side functions (called MediaPorts or MPs). MPs thereby provide the flexibility to modify the content and the services, such as caching, adaptation and synchronization. For the construction of SSON in large distributed and heterogeneous networks, media content usually requires adaptation before it is consumed by media clients. A first step in any of these applications is for the SSON to learn about the existence of such services. In other words, during SSON construction, SSONs need to know “What are the services that are needed? and Where and How to locate these services?” This project is an extension of the SMART which aims to develop a semantic-based resource discovery techniques and routing of queries in a specific SSON and to the appropriate service provider.