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Jianping YAO, PhD, PEng

    Professor and University Research Chair
Director of OCIECE
     Research Interests

       Microwave Photonics
  • Photonic generation and processing of microwave signals
  • Photonic generation of arbitrary microwave waveforms
  • Radio over fiber
  • Optically controlled phased array antennas
  • Silicon photonics
  • Microwave photonics sensors
  • Fiber Bragg gratings
  • Biomedical microwave photonics

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    PhD student positions
    The Microwave Photonics Research Laboratory is one of the top research laboratories in performing cutting edge research in an interdisciplinary field that combines microwave engineering and photonics technology. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that enables our graduate students to perform top-tier research from integrated microwave photonic circuits, microwave photonic subsystems to systems.

    We are recruiting highly self-motivated PhD students to work on NSERC-funded projects (radio over fiber for 5G, microwave photonic signal processing, microwave photonic sensors, and silicon photonics). The candidates should have a strong background in photonics or microwave engineering, an excellent study curriculum. Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV with a list of publications, TOEFL score and GPA to Prof. Yao by email at jpyao@uOttawa.ca.

    For more information regarding the application procedure, please visit the website of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of the University of Ottawa http://www.grad.uottawa.ca.

    Prof. Jianping Yao
    School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    University of Ottawa
    25 Templeton Street
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 6N5
    Office: ARC 311
    Tel: (613) 562-5800 x 6309, Fax: (613) 562-5664
    E-mail: jpyao [at] uottawa.ca or jpyao [at] ieee.org